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Living with Deafblindness

Individual Communication Handbook

The communication needs of individuals with deafblindness are often unique and complex. Communication partners need information on how an individual with deafblindness communicates and how they can communicate with the person with deafblindness.

This flexible template can help you with this. It will guide you to collect, compile and document information on the person’s senses, methods of communication and environmental factors and aids for communication.  It is not exhaustive and may not be suitable for everyone. It is recommended you work with a deafblind consultant and a speech pathologist to guide you through development.

The template was designed in conjunction with a graphic designer, to be accessible to those who have alternative print access needs. It was reviewed by people with deafblindness who use screen magnifiers and screen reader technologies to access digital documents.

Download the Communication Handbook Template (Word DOCX, 1.5MB)


logo, text and with the photo of a young man holding dumbells

Individual Communication Handbook webinar held 10th November 2021. This video currently is awaiting captions and rerecording of the Auslan interpretation.

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The webinar transcript can be downloaded here (Word DOCX 229KB)


Individual Communication Handbook: question and answer session from webinar held 10th November 2021. This video has adjustable captions.

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The Q&A transcript can be downloaded here (Word DOCX 225KB)