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About Deafblindness

Knowing Your Rights

In Australia, there are laws that help people with disabilities and their caregivers to have equal rights and opportunities. These laws are made by the government at the national, state and territory level. One of the national laws is The Commonwealth Disability Services Act 1986.

Government funding is allocated to each State for provision of services to people with disabilities.

State Legislation

Each state in Australia has its own government. These governments have their own laws that apply to their agencies. The rules about who can get help and what kind of help is available might vary a little bit depending on which state you’re in.

Australian Capital Territory

Disability Services Act 1991 (ACT)

New South Wales

NSW Disability Services Act (DSA) (1993)

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Disability Services Act 1993


Disability Services Act 2006 (reprinted 1 July 2012)

South Australia

Disability Services Act 1993


Tasmanian Disability Services Act 1992


Disability Act 2006

Western Australia

Disability Services Act 1993 (WA)

Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA)

The DDA is an Act passed by the Federal Government and applies to all states of Australia. The Australian Human Rights Commission is responsible for making sure that the Act is implemented.
Under the DDA anyone with a disability should be given equal opportunities and access to services. It is against the law to discriminate both directly and indirectly against a person because they have a disability.

A brief guide to the DDA can be accessed on the Australian Human Rights Commission website.

Financial Support

The Australian Government provides the following benefits through Centrelink (eligibility applies):
* Disability Support Pension
* Mobility Allowance
* Age Pension
* Child Disability Assistance Payment (annual payment)
* Carer Payment, Carer Allowance, or Carer Supplement
* People with disabilities may also be eligible to other concessions.

Contact Centrelink and Services Australia for further information.

If someone in Australia qualifies for the Disability Support Pension or the Age Pension, they might also be able to get other benefits like the Hearing Services Voucher. This is available across the country. They may also be able to access benefits such as local discounts on travel, taxi rides, and parking.
For ex-servicemen and women, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs provides extra support and benefits.


Other legislation

The Aged Care Act 1997

Home and Community Care Act 1985