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The logo is a circumference of a circle, containing colours blue, red, green and orange. It sits to the left of the words Deafblind Information Australia and above the logos of its consortium organisations, Able Australia, SenseWA and Deafblind Australia.

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Past webinars

In 2021, project officers of Deafblind Information began running live…

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About the website

This website was made with the support of the Australian Children’s Trust. The Disability Services Commission and the National Disability Insurance Agency also gave support. It was developed for

  1. people living with a combination of vision and hearing impairments,
  2. their families,
  3. their support members,
  4. professionals and service providers.

It provides people with an accessible, web-based resource. View acknowledgements page.

Download the Website Orientation Guide  (Word docx, 216KB)

Click here to access Deafblind Information Australia’s past webinar recordings

About Deafblindness

Information about the senses, sensory loss and causes of deafblindness

Living with deafblindness

Information about deafblind communication and daily life with deafblindness


Information about the NDIS and services for people with deafblindness