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About Deafblindness

For Families & Carers

Welcome to the Families and Carers section of Deafblind Information. These pages contain information for the parents of, or those who provide day to day care for, those born with a hearing and vision impairment or have acquired a hearing and vision impairment before they have learned to communicate with speech or sign language.

Our aim is to provide information relevant to your caring role using everyday language, as well as provide a bridge to the medical and therapeutic world, a world you may have found yourself increasingly involved in.

These pages do not replace advice from a professional and are not designed to tell you what to do, but instead provide you with information to consider, to help you make the decisions you have to make, to help you know you are not alone and to help you find the support you need.

As your knowledge of deafblindness grows, you may find sections of information in “For Professionals” will give you a more technical understanding of deafblindness.To ensure the relevance of this content to your needs, we have provided opportunities for you to submit your comments, opinions and requests through the Contact & Feedback section of this website.