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Living with Deafblindness

Signed English

Manually Coded English is a term that encompasses a variety of visual communication methods expressed through the hands, which attempt to represent the English language. Signed English is one form of this.

In Signed English every word of a spoken sentence is signed.  It uses English language grammar and not the grammar of deaf sign languages. It is comprised of a vocabulary of borrowed and made up signs and fingerspelling.

For example, in Australia, Signed English is comprised of signs borrowed from Auslan, some adapted and made up signs and Auslan fingerspelling. The order of the signs match spoken word order.  To represent spoken grammar accurately, finger spelling and made up signs are used to represent grammatical markers & words that do not exist in native sign languages.

Signed English was developed by teachers of the deaf and other professionals to assist in the english literacy development of deaf (sign language using) children.