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There are places, business and groups that help people with deafblindness.

They can provide

  • services
  • information
  • advocacy
  • equipment

Some services listed are Australian and some are International.

Some organisations that specialise in only blindness or only deafness are in the directory.  They may be able to adapt their services for someone with deafblindness.

There are two drop down filters that can help you search for Service type and / or Region. This is the best way to search the directory.

You can use the search bar to find words in the organisation’s title and description. This is not as effective as using the dropdown filters.

The list of organisations is not exhaustive. It may not include every service or organisation in Australia with deafblind expertise.

This directory is for information purposes only. Inclusion in the service directory does not imply:

  • affiliation with, or
  • endorsement from

Deafblind Information Australia.

To provide or update information about services for people with deafblindness go to our Feedback page

Last updated September 29, 2022

ACT Deafness Resource Centre

The ACT Deafness Resource Centre (the DRC), is a community organisation funded by the Commonwealth, to provide information, linkages and capacity building for the hearing impaired, deaf and those with chronic ear disorders.

Cleara Sound

ClearaSound is constantly looking to the future and bringing to the present, technologies to make communication more collaborative and clearer for everyone.

Operates in: Australia wide, NSW,
Provides services for: Deaf, Deafblind,
Supports age range: Adult, Child,

Connect Hearing

Connect Hearing is a national network of healthcare hearing centres across Australia backed by an experienced telehealth team.

Operates in: Australia wide
Provides services for: Deaf
Supports age range: Adult, Child,

Expression Australia

Expression Australia is a not-for-profit organisation created by and for the Deaf Community. They empower people who are Deaf, hard of hearing to overcome barriers in their life and choose how they want to live.

Hearing Australia

Hearing Australia offer a range of hearing care services and solutions including comprehensive assessments, ongoing care, and hearing management support, provided by their experienced Hearing Australia clinicians.


HumanWare specialises in the design and manufacture of highly intuitive and intelligent solutions for people living with vision loss or visual impairment.

National Equipment Database (NED)

NED’s priority has remained about connecting customers to the right assistive products, information and tools to research, select and access the solutions they need, with confidence.

Pacific Vision

Pacific Vision provides a range of quality and innovative assistive technology for people with low vision and blindness.


Quantum provides products and services to people with a print disability (low vision, blindness or a learning difficulty).

Queensland Blind Association

The aim of the Queensland Blind Association Inc. (QBA) is to provide real assistance to its legally blind members so they can live in a safe, secure social environment in comfort within the community.

Operates in: QLD
Provides services for: Blind
Supports age range: Adult, Child,

See Differently

See Differently, with the Royal Society for the Blind, is a not-for-profit organisation providing services to Australians who have a severe vision impairment. These services are delivered by a professional, committed and highly qualified team supported by volunteers, drawn from all age groups and walks of life.


TabTimer is an Australian Company dedicated to supplying devices to help people and their carers keep medicines, nutrition, hydration, toileting and regular personal care tasks on-time using assistive technology and assisted listening reminder devices.

Operates in: Australia wide, NSW,
Provides services for: Blind, Deaf, Deafblind,
Supports age range: Adult, Child,

Technical Solutions Australia

Technical Solutions specialises in Electronic Assistive Technology for people with disabilities. They design and manufacture their own equipment and source products world wide. They also provide a service adapting toys, computers and other devices to improve accessibility.

TV Voice Pro

TV Voice Pro develops TV speech clarification products for those with hearing loss.

Operates in: Australia wide, QLD,
Provides services for: Deaf
Supports age range: Adult, Child,


VisAbility provides practical, emotional and peer support services to Western Australians with low or no vision. Their professional therapy and support services are available at any stage of life, in homes, at school, at work and in the community.