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Professionals who can assist you with NDIS planning and review and using your NDIS plan

There are many professionals you can contact and request assistance from with your NDIS planning and review process. You can also find assistance with supporting you to use your NDIS plan.

See videos below to learn more about these professionals and how each can assist you.
Video image description. In the planner and support coordinator videos, the presenter is signing in Auslan. For all other videos, the presenter is speaking to the camera with an Auslan interpreter beside them.


NDIS Planner

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Download NDIS Planner transcript (Word docx, 36KB)

Local Area Coordinator

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Download Local Area Coordinator transcript (Word docx, 37KB)

Support Coordinator

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Download Support Coordinator transcript (Word docx, 37KB)

Specialist Support Coordinator

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Download Specialist Support Coordinator transcript (Word docx, 36KB)

Plan manager

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Download Plan Manager transcript (Word docx, 36KB)