Services available to people with deafblindness under the NDIS

Image description of videos. All videos show one or two professionals on the left speaking to the camera. On the right is an Auslan interpreter signing what is being said by the professionals. A full transcript of each video can be found below each video.

Deafblind Consultant

Download Deafblind Consultant transcript (Word DOCX, 37KB)

Communication Guide

Download Communication Guide transcript (Word DOCX, 37KB)


Download Interpreter transcript (Word DOCX, 36KB)

Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Download Orientation and Mobility transcript (Word DOCX, 36KB)

Occupational Therapy 

Download Occupational Therapy transcript (Word DOCX, 36KB)


Download Orthoptics transcript (Word DOCX, 39KB)

Speech Pathology

Download Speech Pathology transcript (Word DOCX, 37KB)

Social Work

Download Social Work transcript (Word DOCX, 38KB)


Download Psychology transcript (Word DOCX, 36KB)


Download Physiotherapy transcript (Word DOCX, 36KB)

Creative Arts Therapy

Download Creative Arts Therapy transcript (Word DOCX, 36KB)