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Living with Deafblindness

Deafblind Communicator

For people who are able to read Braille, using technology may be an option to increase communication opportunities.

A portable device consisting of a DB-Phone and DB-BrailleNote (with QWERTY or Perkins keyboard).

A sighted person types their message into the DB-Phone and sends to the DB-BrailleNote where the deafblind person receives and reads the message reading through Braille output.
The deafblind person types and then sends their message back to the DB-Phone for the sighted person to read the display on screen or listen through speech output.  Conversations can go back and forth via this method.

  • Enables a person who is deafblind to communicate with hearing people
  • The DB-Phone can be used for SMS Texting and with TTY
  • Uses Braille output
  • Communication takes place wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Software available for additional features

Images courtesy of Humanware