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Living with Deafblindness

Equipment & Assistive Devices

This section provides information about a range of options that may be suitable for people who have dual sensory loss, with descriptions of the equipment and devices and how they can be used.

Equipment and assistive devices can enable people to lead an independent life.

Information about funding sources and organisations where items can be purchased is also included in this section.

See below links to sections on different types of assistive devices and other useful information related to equipment and assistive devices.

Alerting devices

Listening devices

Loop systems

Deafblind communication


Telling the time

Reading and writing


Low vision aids

Everyday living products



Equipment suppliers

Other contacts



The section is intended to provide an overview of information on products available to people with sight and hearing impairment and can be used as a starting point in gaining knowledge about resources related to dual sensory loss and deafblindness.

Senses Foundation (Inc) does not endorse any of the products listed in this section and is not affiliated with any of the organisations referred to. Senses Foundation (Inc) would recommend independent research before purchasing any specialist equipment.

Note: At date of printing, information about equipment is accurate, however, product specifications and availability may change without prior notice.