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Help us support siblings of children with disability

Senses Australia are devoted to supporting not only our clients but the families of our clients. Our SuperSibs program gives the siblings of children with a disability a safe, relaxed space in which to learn skills and make connections that help them feel they are not alone in their experiences.

Sibling relationships are the longest and most enduring relationships throughout a person’s life, they make up a child’s first social network. The reaction of a child to their sibling with a disability affects the development of both children, which has an impact on the whole family. Half of all siblings report having a brother or sister with a disability is a negative experience, so it is essential to provide skills and knowledge to help change this. For example, our workshops teach siblings how to cope with the negative reactions of others to their brother or sister’s behaviour or appearance. They also give siblings time to address concerns while being the centre of attention, in a positive, fun environment.

Supersibs is a non funded program. Costing approximately $160 per child. Senses Australia run this vital program via money generously donated through our fundraising efforts. We deeply hope that together, with your support, we can expand our services to more siblings and their families. Thank you!