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Deafblind Camp – Perth, Western Australia

During the weekend of 9 – 11 November 2012 Senses Foundation hosted a camp for people who are deafblind held at the Ern Halliday Recreation Camp on the beautiful coast near Hillarys, just outside Perth.

The camp was a huge success for everyone with people from across Australia attending for the weekend.  Many members of WA’s Usher Support Group also attended the camp. (You can go to the Usher Support Facebook page to see all the photos).

Karen Wickham, Social Worker at Senses was the instigator of this event and together with the Deafblind Committee they excelled themselves. In planning the camp the Committee took on the unknown coordinating the weekend for 32 participants who were deafblind and over 80 staff and volunteers.

Deafblind Got Talent Participants
Prior to the event volunteers undertook training delivered by Senses to ensure they were aware of the complexities of deafblindness. Volunteers were matched according to specific communication needs of the participants who were deafblind.

Everyone loved the drumbeat session and  the exercise certainly broke the ice on the first night helping everyone get to know each other through music.

Alex  from Springvale, Victoria said “I personally never played a Drum before and it was one of the best music sessions ever! How 30 deafblind people were able to keep up together despite the fact most can’t hear, is just mindblowing.”

In tune with each other. Jane and Tony (below) from Perth getting into the rhythm.

Alan and Margaret from New South Wales on the Ugly Duckling Vineyard Tour in Swan Valley ( below).
Vineyard Alan and Margaret
Chris gave us some history on an old Church in All Saints in Swan Valley

Church Swan Valley
Activities included rock climbing

Our own CEO Debbie Karasinski who judged Deafblind’s Got Talent with the winner Heather

Deafblind Camp Got Talent Winner CEO
Taking advantage of Perth’s beautiful beaches with Alex  and Adele (OT and Committee member from Senses)

Beach games

Kayaking on the final day of camp with Aimee and David. Unfortunately our lovely Speech Therapist, Aimee, broke her leg not long after these photo’s were taken.  We hope Aimee recovers soon.


Kayaking Amiee and David
Tandem Riding

Tandem Bike Riding
Does this have to end? Linni and Karen

Farewell Linni and Karen
Don’t just take our word for it – Read the stories of people who attended the camp.