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Living with Deafblindness

Telling the Time

Clocks and watches that may be suitable for a person who has sight and hearing difficulties will vary depending on their level of sight and/or hearing.

Some large face or talking clocks and watches can be purchased online or from larger department stores. Some features to look for in clocks and watches:

  • Large print with contrasting display
  • Talking clocks and watches (quality of speech varies)
  • Male voices which may be easier to hear for a person who is hard of hearing
  • Vibrating alarms
  • Tactile and Braille markings

Image: Wake 'N' Shake - Loud Alarm with Jumbo DisplayWake ‘N’ Shake – Loud Alarm with Jumbo Display

  • Tell the time with large contrasting display
  • Extra loud alert (up to 95dB)
  • Flashing strobe light
  • Pillow pad with vibrating alert
  • Connects to phone to alert to phone ringing using allerting options as above

Image courtesy of Oricom

Image: Bellman Pro Alarm ClockBellman Pro Alarm Clock

  • Extra loud 100dB and flashing light
  • Connects to a pillow pad that vibrates when alarm sounds
  • Can also be used with Bellman Visit Alert System
  • Large print numbers

Image courtesy of Word of Mouth Technology

Image: Cube Talking ClockTalking Cube Alarm Clock

  • Sturdy cube shape
  • Press large contrasting button and the clock with speak the time
  • Clear make voice (often easier for people with hearing loss to understand)

Vibralarm ClockVibralarm Clock

  • Auible and/or vibrating alarm
  • Adjustable volume and tone for alarm
  • Vibrating pillow pad available to purchase seperately
  • Adjustable vibrating pulse

Vibrating Travel AlarmVibrating Travel Alarm Clock Sonic Boom SBP100

  • Travel alarm clock with pillow strap
  • Set on loud alarm or vibrating pad placed under the pillow
  • Easy to read large LCD display

iLuv Vibe Plus

iLuv Vibe Plus

  • Alarm clock with bed shaker for iPod dock
  • Large contrasting visual LCD display
  • Time is syncronised with iPhone or iPod

Meteor Vibrating Watch

Meteor Vibrating Watch

  • Ergonomically designed to rest in the hand
  • Can be carried in the pocket
  • Three raised braille ‘pins’ vibrate in different patterns for hours, minutes and seconds to enable user to tell the time


Easy to see Watches

For people who have enough vision to read large print watches with clear bold displays could make it easier to tell the time

Talking watches

  • Talking watches speak the time, with some having additional features such as speaking calendars.
  • A talking watch may be useful for some people – Talking Watchthis will depend on their level of hearing.
  • When considering a talking watch (or clock) it is advisable to test the quality of speech, male voices are sometimes better for some people with hearing loss.


Tactile Watches (Braille Watches)

The glass cover opens enabiling a person to tell the time by feeling the position of the hands lined with raised dots on the clock face.tactile-watch