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Living with Deafblindness

Reading and Writing

In addition to lighting and low vision aids there are many low tech options to support a person to continue reading and writing.

Large Lined Paper

  • Good contrast with bold lines on white paper
  • Helps a person with low vision to see when writing and keep in a straight line

Writing Frame

  • A4 size plastic template fits over a sheet of paper
  • The frame provides a good contrast for use as a visual guide, keeping writing in a straight line
  • The template can also be used as a tactile guide when writing

Signature Guide

  • Place over paper when signature required
  • Good contrast with tactile guide to indicate where signature required
  • Credit card sized, fits easily into a wallet or purse
  • Envelope guides are also available that work in the same way


  • Other options are available to make everyday life easier such as large print diaries, calendars, rulers, etc.
  • Felt tip pens are available with varying thickness of nibs providing good contrast. Writing in large print with a felt tip pen can make it easier to read for a person who has low vision.