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Living with Deafblindness

Loop Systems

Most hearing aids and cochlear implants are fitted with a “T” Switch (the “T” means Telecoil). Digital hearing aids and cochlear implants may need to be programmed by an audiologist to activate for use with Telecoil.

When a hearing aid is switched to the “T” position sounds will only be received by the hearing aid or implant via a loop system. Sounds are converted to a magnetic signal via an induction loop or auditory loop. These signals are then picked up by the Telecoil in the hearing device.When no longer using the loop system the “T” switch will need to be changed back to the usual setting. Neck loops, portable loops and fitted room loop systems all work on a similar principle. Check whether your telephone is compatible for use with Telecoil.

Loop systems can improve clarity of sound by reducing echo and background noise for:

  • One-to-one conversations
  • Conversations in meetings/educational settings
  • Television and other audio equipment

With advances in technology FM systems are being used as an alternative to loop systems.



Many public places that
have loop systems installed
will display this symbol.


Room Loop Systems

Room loop systems are set up with a loop amplifier connected to cable fitted around the perimeter of the room. Hearing aid users positioned inside the loop receive sounds with reduced background noise. Portable loop systems are another option. A loop works only with hearing aids that are T-switch equipped.


Images courtesy of Printacall


room-loopUnivox Autoloop

  • Automatic domestic hearing loop amplifier
  • Connect TV, stereo or other audio sources to choice of loop system
  • Transmits clear sound to hearing aid or cochlear implant receiver

Phoenix Hearing Instruments

room-loop2Field Teleloop Amplifier

  • Transmits sounds directly to hearing aid
  • Amplifier connects to induction loop (cable) installed around perimeter of the room

portable-loopImage courtesy of Word of Mouth Technology

Sound Shuttle

  • Portable loop system with inbuilt microphone
  • Businesses can use on reception counters, in meeting rooms etc

Image courtesy of Word of Mouth Technology

Neck Loops

Neck loops are available for use with personal listening devices, mobile phones, television, audio equipment etc.
Worn around the neck, the loop works in the same way as other loop systems.

ci-loopCL i-Loop

Hands-free neck loop compatible with MP3, iPod, audio/CD players and PC’s

blue-tooth-loop-150x95Artone Bluetooth Loop Set

  • Built in microphone and volume control
  • Wireless loop set is worn around the neck used with compatible Telecoil hearing aids
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth capable mobile phone

Image courtesy of Printacall

nokia-mobile-loopNokia LPS5

  • Wireless Bluetooth neck loop set links with compatible hearing aids or cochlear implants fitted with Telecoil
  • Increases amplification with compatible mobile phones

Image courtesy of Word of Mouth

sennheiser-neck-loopSennheiser Set 830S & Set 840S Cordless Neck Loops

  • Listening system similar to set 900. Loop worn around the neck instead of wearing headphones.
  • Set 830S uses infrared, whereas Set 840S uses radio frequency to transmit sound via hearing loop direct to Telecoil on hearing aid

Image courtesy of Word of Mouth