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Living with Deafblindness

Everyday Living Products

This section provides information on a range of products that may be useful for people who have dual sensory loss.

Examples of aids and devices covered in this section are not exhaustive. There will be many more options for products shown that may be just as effective.

Independent Living Centres (ILCs) are based in each State and are a good source of information. Demonstrations can be arranged to trial equipment, with advice and guidance on what may be suitable. ILCs do not sell equipment, they will however, provide a list of suppliers in local areas.

Another source of suppliers of some of these products are organisations providing services to people with vision impairment.

Many items can be found in mainstream stores and department stores.

Contrasting Non-Slip Mats

  • Textured non-slip mats are sold in many large stores either pre-cut or on a roll to be cut to size
  • Contrasting colours make it easier for people with vision impairment to locate items placed on them
  • Texture of mats also act as a tactile cue
  • Mats grip to surface so that items placed on the mat will be less likely to slip

Three non-slip mats sit on a white surface stacked on top of each other. In the right of the image, a rectangular black mat is half unrolled. A yellow mat with rounded corners lies in the bottom left of the image. A red mat with rounded edges sits on top of both mats in the center.

Chopping Board with Swivel Knife

  • Knife tip pivoted
  • Food is placed under blade, knife is swiveled into position, move free hand away before cutting to avoid injury to fingers
  • Can be used with both hands holding knife to push down and cut food

An orange carrot sits on a wooden chopping board. A hand holds the handle of a knife which is cutting into the carrot. The chopping board has a swivel attachment for the knife.

Palm Peeler

  • Easy to grip
  • Slide along vegetables to peel
A person holds a carrot horizontally at one end. A yellow ring of a palm peeler is attached to the index finger of the other hand on top of the carrot.

Safe Slice

  • Can be used as a tactile guide for knife without coming into contact with fingers
  • Protect fingers when preparing and slicing food
A carrot sits on a wooden chopping board. A hand holds the end of the carrot in place, with a safe slice in between the hand and a knife chopping the carrot.

 Jar Openers

  • Available in different styles and sizes
  • Assists when opening jars and bottle lids
A tall glass gar jar sits on top of a blue placemat. One hand holds the neck of the jar while another hand holds a red jar opener at the edge of the lid.

Hands Free Can Opener

  • Battery operated can opener
  • Attached to tin magnetically
  • Press button to operate
  • Removes lid off completely which can be released into bin without needing to handle
A white hands free can opener sits on top of a can of beetroot slices.

Ring Pull Openers

  • Available in different styles
  • Plastic hook lifts ring pull to peel back lid
A can of tomatoes sits on a bench. One hand grips the can while another holds a ring pull opener with plastic hook. The ring is lifting and pulled to peel back lid.

 Silicon Shelf Guard

  • Heat resistant strips clip on oven shelf
  • Provides visual contrast when locating oven shelves
  • Protects fingers and hands when reaching into oven
A shelf is pulled out of an open oven. A blue silicon shelf guard is attached to the front of the oven shelf.

Oven Gloves

  • Protect hands when removing items from oven
  • Silicon oven gloves are heat and slip resistant
  • Can be used to pick up hot food items
  • Washable in soapy water
A hand wears a white oven glove. The hand is lifting a tray of roast chicken out of the oven.

Other options are available to protect against being burnt such as:

  • Heat resistant woven gloves that fit more securely on hands
  • Oven gloves with extra long sleeve

Tactile Markers

There are a number of options to mark control settings to enable people with dual sensory loss to maintain independence and operate appliances and remote controls independently. For example:

  • Bump-ons
  • Puff paint
  • Velcro dots

Tactile markers are lined up on a dark surface. Two white rectangular rectangles are at the left. A red and white marker are in the center with two or three raised dots. On the right, there are two black rectangular markers.


Liquid Level Indicator (LLI)

  • Hook LLI over side of cup/glass
  • As liquid rises and makes contact with prongs the gadget buzzes and vibrates to alert user to stop pouring
  • Avoids risk of scalding and spillage when pouring hot water
  • Liquid level sensors can come with two levels. This is useful when measuring not only for hot water but also when you add milk to a drink such as tea or coffee

A plastic blue liquid level indicator hooks onto the side edge of a white mug.

Self Opening Kitchen Scissors

  • Slip resistant grip outside of handles
  • Lightweight spring loaded scissors

A hand holds a pair of green self opening kitchen scissors.

Breville 6 L Stainless Steel Urn

  • Reduces risks when making hot drinks
  • Urn is placed on counter, no need to lift when pouring hot water
  • Place cup/mug under water outlet and release tap lever

Breville stainless steel urn with pourer and dial.

Talking Measuring Jug

  • Speaks liquid measurements in metric and imperial
  • Male voice with adjustable volume
  • At the press of a button reading can be re-set to zero to add additional liquid to be measured without having to empty the jug
  • Holds up to 2 litres of liquid

White talking measuring jug with handle on purple background.

Talking Kitchen Scales

  • Weighs in metric and imperial
  • Clear male voice
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Buttons are both tactile and large print

Blue background with white kitchen scales. A glass bowl filled with grains sits on top of the scales.