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About Deafblindness


In October I have been working on my songs for camp. On Thursdays I have been going to the park to practice my singing as I sing it keeps getting better every time I sing. At camp I sang dancing queen solo. Everyone liked my performance they were all happy with me. I did very well. DABBA did 2 songs. We all did well DABBA came 3rd in the 2012 DB got Talent. It is the 1st time I sang dancing queen in front of 88 people. It is the 1st time I did it solo it was great.

I enjoyed my weekend at camp all the people are very nice . The drumming was great on Friday night. Our trip to the Swan Valley was nice I enjoyed my day out. In the afternoon I went to do rock climbing it was very hard. I don’t like it. Saturday night we have our DB got Talent. I did 2 acts 1st act I sang Dancing Queen solo. I have lots of feedback from everyone at camp. My 2nd act 2 song with DABBA team what a night we have. On Sunday we went for a walk to Hillarys it was a nice walk.

Getting ready for rock climbing (see photo on right)