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Deb – my new home

In March 1999 I first moved out of home to my own place in Maylands.  I liked living in my own place, I have support from DSC once a week to go shopping and some cooking.  My unit at Maycrest Court was one bedroom, it was a nice place to live in.  It is next door to work and dancing, I can walk to catch the train to go out or go see mum and dad.

We have a group of people from Maycrest to g on some outings.  2005 Maycrest had to close down in July 2005. I had to move back home, I was very sad that I miss being in my own place.  In the last 10 years, I have been applying for funding 2015, got the funding in May 2015 we have the meeting for support.  Not much support until 2011, then start having some support for going out.  First with Michelle, she is a good support worker, I felt sad when Michelle no longer working with me.  Then I had Chicky, she not too bad, I felt sad no outing for two months then Jane came to work with me, she is a very good support worker, then when Jane had time off I felt sad no outing for a month, also I liked Bec.

I enjoyed my ATE in the morning.  The morning was nice, I get to do my outing in the morning.  Then in the afternoon I get to go to the gym.  My Friday night outings are good, Alyssa is a good support worker.  In the last few months I been looking for a unit.  Then found one it is a two bedroom unit this time, I am staying in Thornle not far from mum and dad.  Today I got my loan approved.  In August I start my house shopping.  My settlement was on the 21 August 2015.  Now I am the new owner of the unit.  Dad and his team will be starting the work in the unit from Monday.  On 29 September 2015 we have a meeting about my move, we talk about what day I can move into my own unit.  We set the date to move in it is 15 October 2015, now just two weeks away I am very excited about moving into my own home.

No we just got cleaning the unit.  The unit just about ready for me to move in.  Now it is the end of the era for living at home, but I will visit home from time to time with the girls.  Now I am in my new home, I am very happy with my new home.  Now I have some support everyday.  Looking forward to a year ahead, it is going to be a great year.  I am enjoying my new life in my new home.

Published on January 6, 2016.

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Published October 27, 2021.